"I service design for print and presentation, assist companies and individuals with design, art and production for their needs to communicate promotions and services or products." 
Jessica and Matthew visiting The Great Stupa of Dharmakaya [Tibetan Kargyu sect]
at the Shambhala Mountain Retreat Center in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado, 2011
I was raised in Greenwich Village, New York City and trained for communication design and photography in 1978 at Parsons School of Design while working at an industrial design suite – studied textile design and screen printing in 1987 at the Fashion Institute of Technology and studied computers in 1992 and web design in 2000.  I have 38 years of experience in production, multi-media art and graphic design.
I finished my training in an industrial design company in NYC for print in catalogs and packaging working in production and typesetting and photography, and worked with a senior architect from Princeton University and Cooper Union college and was trained in interior and art photography and media for graphic design. 
My textile design teacher hired me to assist her in screen printing, mural painting, prop design for display and multi-media servicing fashion designers and department stores, and I trained for textile design painting in repeat and colorway services at a textile art studio in the fashion district creating surface prints for fashion painting patterns and various colorways. 
I developed presentation design skills in 1998 using Word and Powerpoint and created brand templates servicing corporate graphics – my computer program usage is: basic html, wordpress and I use web based templates, create landing pages, adobe illustrator; photoshop; and indesign, front page, microsoft expression, adobe distiller, powerpoint, excel and word
Success in group projects and humanitarian assignments
Amnesty International, releasing prisoners of conscience in the Americas and in Tibet 
I have travelled to fifteen republics in our continent, and to Spain, France, India, Nepal, Australia and the UK, to repair the aquifers for our nation’s evolution as a divination dowser to lift the water aquifers and repair the metallurgy.  I have devoted my life to diplomacy and restoring our indigenous people in our continent because of the legacy of my grandfather’s ambassadorship and diplomacy in the republic of Chile since 1915 
I improve internal performance and train teams to work efficiently using a divination dowsing directional system using the behavior assessment tool DISC to reassign teams and groups
My writing skills techniques were developed studying Tibetan Buddhism with the Dalai lama’s group of scholars and translators, where I studied mental science and I fundraise for Tibetans and the Lehya in northern India, and for Buddhism in Mongolia out of London 
As a caterer I have worked with restaurants in design and events in New York City for creative events for business and culinary art development for parties and promotions where I cooked and developed menus and concepts for catering to build a kitchen brand, coordinating events
Companies & design agencies and marketing groups

Camera One Photography, Sterling Brands, Industrie Brand Partners, United Way of Tri-state, Tibet House, Tibet Foundation (UK), Deloitte & Touche, CB Richard Ellis, Varitage, 3i Translations, Citicorp, JPMorgan Stanley, Pfizer, Artisan Talent NY, Kelly IT, Robert Half International with The Creative Group and Office Team and an additional fourteen companies contractually for corporate graphics and presentations 

Administration & presentation assignments in financial companies and presentation graphics for marketing with employment agencies and banking institutions 
Publication projects that create incentives to canvass and train for community fundraising and education, designing templates for campaigning promotional materials at United Way of Tri-state 
Packaging design and product analysis creating powerpoint decks that show study and consumer results from focus groups; creating templates for their brands to enhance the product, photographing products and creating vision boards and typography studies; and production for print prepress 
Marketing & graphic design for photography; direct mailings, print production for corporate communications, executive portraiture, public relations and events, at NYC photography studios 
Planning and designing for appeals, for educational and health projects preparing proposals for charitable giving at Tibet Foundation and Buddhism in Mongolia in London 
Office manager to coordinate programs, designed brochures, invitations & announcements for the yearly benefit concert and newsletters for the Dalai Lama’s cultural office in New York City 
Product paste up and designing layout for technical and electronic companies for ads and working prepress with printing companies 
Catalogue design and publishing documents since 1993 using pagemaker, quarkxpress and indesign for independent marketing groups and agencies 
Designing printed material for tourism in Antigua and Grenada for the yachting and hotel industry and provided local businesses with graphic arts and held art workshops, fashion shows and event designs 
Textile design for surface printing and merchandise promotional material, multi-media mural painting and prop design for display in NYC with department stores and fashion designers 
Office management, contact management, oversee staff and scheduling and production, retail stock inventory, sales, shop management   
I have created an online network to rebuild since the disaster of 9/11 and have activated the domain in 2019 after ten years of testing and developing its called