the floating reed islands of lake titicaque in peru, the highest aquifer of the andes that feed the waterfall in the corporate state of new york and the jungle in the republic of colombia

I can help you diagnose what the appropriate treatment is for you individually, I use a pendulum to align myself with your base area so I can ascertain your imbalance and then I can let you know how to treat your discomfort. I have healed diabetes, leukaemia and prevented HIV in people that do not inherit it. Understand that all illnesses come from wrong views and karmic affects of the body and from bacteria. 
I use nutrition, yoga, homeopathy medicine, meditation, and natural oils, roots and herbal tinctures to balance your health and I use dowsing tools to correct your base area and skeletal body and channels. I have been doing this since I am 13 years old as a divination dowser.
  • headaches - come from a shock or blow to the nape and the first 2 vertabrae
  • cramps - infection or bacteria in the uterus
  • digestive - there are 6 areas to review
  • mental wrong views - karma from your family or upbringing that you didn't attest to
  • insanity - karma from violence or genocide
  • bad breath - a dying spleen or gall bladder from depression or anger
  • discolouration of skin - the liver is not circulating water accurately
  • aging - a weak skeletal 
  • skin - kidneys are tired from overwork or hungry
  • heart - weakened aorta from bad diet
  • lungs - pollution, smoking or living with bacteria
  • kidney - drugs, pain killers
  • teeth - eating dead meats which is bacteria
  • nails - bad tendons from no exercise
  • back pain - posture and attitude towards one's life and mission
  • seeing - living in denial and selfishness
  • hearing - living in denial and wrong habits
  • tasting - eating wrong foods not assigned to your DNA
  • sadness - self pity and evil intentions
  • depression - from committing evil actions in current life
  • sacrum causing limping or rigidity - karma from the father
  • sciatica - karma from wrong bodily actions like sex or masturbation
  • hair loss - from birth in the womb of the mother if she had bacteria
  • obesity - karma from family's actions of genocide against others
  • bacteria in the gums - eating chicken with salmonella
  • fever - being attacked by subconsciousness like envy or competition
  • colds - having too much foods and beverages that take away strength from pancreas
  • vaginal discharge - bacteria in the ovary
  • hemorroides - not eating the correct food for your digestion as a foreign DNA
  • stunted neck or vertebrae - mother's attack or negligence of child
  • bad odors - dying glands, from evil actions against others
  • ear ache - bacteria in the hair and behind the ears