Events programmer, communication graphic design & textile art, desktop publishing, web design, and writing
I grew up in Manhattan, New York City as the  clans of the indigenous family of the Aymara continent [america]; of the clan responsible for the water irrigation system, trained as a dowser that shifts the waterfall in the southern hemisphere to the northern region; and we are the family responsible for purifying the metallurgy of the aquifers for our evolution.  I work as a graphic artist and a textile designer; and a coach for your individual business development and I am a natural-path healerI trained in the 70s in graphic production and design for companies, industrial packaging, photography and art. 

Workshops for regrouping teams & developing creativity
Who Moved My Computer? Workshops on directional success about how to assign roles and projects to your team. Art & textile workshops for awakening visuals.

Kitchen branding ideas & catering service 
I have developed ways to enhance your restaurant, cafes and services for catering and making a better option to offer in our community as natives and to respect the farms and understand the farming industry is changing. I offer a way to repair your restaurants and food production creating a healthy environment and a healthy option to feed the community. I create events, dinner parties with themes for business and personal events for your network and teams. 
Textile design & screen printing   
I screen print and use hand painting techniques to create fabric design. As Aymara, the indigenous of this continent (america), we weave alpaca and llama and vicuña threads. Textile design is essential for our earth elements to heal from darkness so we dye the fabric and we weave the threads into rugs and sweaters. I design patterns for surface printing and for graphics. 
Fundraising volunteer 
I have been working for the Tibetans and The Leh of Northern India and Kazakhstan since 24 years in New York City and London. I am devoted to helping restore the Tibetans, the Leh-ya of Northern India and their tantras. I have received 11 empowerments and initiations from Tibetan lamas since I am 20 years old and participated in retreats and worked at Tibet House in NYC and Tibet Foundation in London as a volunteer and as an employee. I have created a fundraising website TibetWorkBook for publishing books and documents for sale that will fund new business incentives in our continent for Tibetans and help them restore their economic development in India, Nepal and Tibet.
I am a committee member for Amnesty International since 1989 in Grenada, West Indies releasing prisoners of conscience. I lived in Grenada for 4 years to heal the land from the Coup d'etat of 1983 from a Cuban attack that killed dozens of Africans living in Grenada. I have experienced 8 hurricanes that devastated our native american lands from bad migration; 9/11 whilst working down town and living down town in Manhattan; and the Columbine school attack in Colorado that killed dozens of children when I lived there from 1998 to 2000. 
 Networking in Spanish & English for our continent  
My family are diplomats and my grandfather began the embassy in the republic of chile in 1939 as refugees arrived from Europe, as refugees. As the indigenous of the Aymara continent  we helped many refugees on our shores since 1901 that came off barges from Europe. It became an invasion ruining farms, the genocide of our wildlife including the cow and turkey for food. I was prepared as the dowser for my clan at the age of 18 years old to protect and restore our lands from the invasion of bacteria and immigration from Asia, Europeans and Africa, that can now return to their continents to finish repairing their aquifers. 
Divination dowsers divine channels of water using our body channels that repair metal and earth elements improving the aquifers for our consciousness stream of our continent that includes the following regions of New Zealand, Hawaii, Alaska, from the North to the South pole and the Bermudas and aquifers that exist and help the region of the UK up to Dublin and down to Wales. 
After I suffered the terrorist attack of 9/11 whilst working on Wall Street and living downtown, I began to design an online network to restore our people in the North. It has been in development since Sept 2002 and after experimenting with 4 web hosting companies and three php scripts, WordPress and 5 web domains, I have finished the network this year in 2018 and it is called   
 Services for graphic design
▪ concept development ▪ vision boards ▪ publications ▪ identity logo ▪ style designs ▪ art on adobe illustrator  ▪ Powerpoint templates & presentations with tables & charts   word documents    proposal templates in word   web design, edits or maintenance   typing & formatting documents  ▪ illustration in pastel or gouache    photography development   photo editing  ▪ textile design



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